London, England
United Kingdom
Tottenham Court Road UK HIV/AIDS Memorial since 1 December 2027
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To: Sadiq Khan, London Mayor
Ask the Mayor to support a UK HIV/AIDS Memorial in London
We Won!
Great news this morning, the London Assembly unanimously voted to support us to establish a UK AIDS Memorial in London. A long way to go but this is a very important first step forwards. "Thanks to some lovely moving speeches from Assembly Members every single one was won over and it was voted for unanimously. A brilliant result and shows the campaign has real support here!" said Sian Berry. Thanks so much to everyone who signed the petition and especially to Sian Berry (Greens), Caroline Pidgeon (Liberal Democrats), Stephen Twigg (Labour), GMFA and 38 Degrees who paved the way for this to get this far. This is long over due, we must remember those 21,000 British citizens who lost their lives, as well as all those worldwide. AIDS is not over. Many live with HIV and new infections are found each day. We must fight on together. London can one day stand proud with so many other cities worldwide, who already have built AIDS memorials.

8 February 2017
Ash Kotak, London