Canberra, ACT
National Arboretum, Forrest Drive Canberra AIDS Garden of Reflection since 2 April 2017
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Community donations - and almost $1 millon from the ACT Government - grow four new gardens to open at the National Arboretum anberra on Sunday
The Gallery of Gardens on the Events Terrace will eventually have seven gardens, with the first four being opened to the public on Sunday with a range of activities planned, from kite flying to live music, from noon to 3pm.
The AIDS Garden of Reflection was funded by a range of donations as well as fundraising by Richard (Rachel) Allen who completed about five years of Bunnings sausage sizzles to contribute to the tally. AIDS Action Council executive director Philippa Moss paid tribute to Richard (Rachel) Allen who did about five years of Bunnings sausage sizzles to help finance the AIDS Garden of Reflection which provides a special haven for visitors to honour those who have lost their lives to HIV and AIDS.
Mr Allen, who lost his partner Kim Rippon to AIDS in 1994,  said the garden afforded some privacy and contemplation, including a pond. "In 1994 we lost 19 people to AIDS in Canberra alone and a lot of them were my friends. So this is for them too," he said.
Photo (c) AIDS Action Council The Canberra Times

31 March 2017
Megan Doherty, Canberra