Provincetown, MA
United States
Town Hall, 1 Ryder Street Provincetown AIDS Memorial since 16 June 2018
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Provincetown AIDS Memorial
In May of this year the long-awaited Provincetown AIDS Memorial as installed on the lawn at Provincetown Town Hall. The 17-ton quartzite memorial is three feet high and nine feet by nine feet. On two sides of the memorial the word “remembering” is inscripted. On the other two sides of the sculpture are inscriptions from Provincetown poets.
The AIDS Memorial was not intended to be a sad thing, but rather a tribute to the Provincetown community that rose up and helped people. As with any piece of art the effect it may have on people will vary. When visiting the memorial one can’t help but remember the lives lost over the years to the AIDS crisis and the community’s response to the crisis.
Photo (c) Somerset House Inn

3 July 2018
Somerset House Inn, Provincetown