Chico, CA
United States
Stonewall Alliance Center Chico AIDS Panels of Remembrance since 1 December 2000
Our purpose is to create community awareness about AIDS, its reality in our area and the effect of HIV disease in your life. These fabric panels put a recognizable face on AIDS. Making a panel for a loved one can become a process of healing as well as grieving.
The memorial panels that make up the AIDS Panels of Remembrance were made by all sorts of people, in all kinds of colors, fabrics and styles. You do not have to be an artist to create a moving personal tribute. It doesn't matter if you use paint or fine needle work; every Remembrance is appropriate.

New panels are dedicated and displayed each year on World AIDS Day, December 1st. The theme for 2002 is "HIV and AIDS Stigma and Discrimination: Attitudes towards HIV and AIDS".
You may choose to create a panel privately, as a personal memorial to someone you've loved, but we encourage you to follow the traditions of old-fashioned sewing and quilting bees, by including friends, family and co-workers. Sewing sessions may be arranged by leaving a message for Ellen Comfort at the Center.

Photo (c) Stonewall Alliance Chico

1 December 2000
Stonewall Alliance Chico, Chico, CA