Swindon, England
United Kingdom
Stratton Wood Birchgrove Memorial Grove since 1 October 1996
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The Birchgrove Woodland Grove
In 1996 The Birchgrove Group sponsored the planting of 1200 trees at the Woodland Trust's woodland creation site at Stratton st. Margaret near Swindon, Wiltshire. This grove of trees will create a living and lasting tribute to the lives of people with haemophilia who were infected with HIV via contaminated clotting factors. It was inteded by Birchgrove that this woodland should become a peaceful place for people to visit and remember those who had their lives so profoundly affected by HIV.
these 1200 trees cover approximately 2 of the 135 acre Stratton Wood, and the wood itself forms part of the group of woodland freely open to the public and collectively known as the Great Western Community Forest.
This grove of trees will not only be a memorial to those who have sadly died, but will also show the resilience and strength of those who are still affected and living with HIV/AIDS.
Photo (c) Birchgrove Special Edition January 2004

9 September 2003
The Birchgrove Group, Solihull