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Woodland Cemetary Tainted Blood Tragedy Memorial Tree of Ontario SW5 since 24 October 2015
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SWOR Dedication - Remember - Honour - Celebrate
On October 24, 2015 SWOR dedicated the tree at Woodland Cemetery London Ontario as the fifth tree dedication in the region. Each tree at University of Western Ontario, the site of Pinecrest Adventure Camp, a public school yard in Chatham, the site of Just the Guys and now at Woodland Cemetery commemorates the lives of those impacted by the tainted blood tragedy.

Remembering all those affected by the tainted blood tragedy and in particular the 85 individuals and families in the communities of South Western Ontario. Honouring their contribution and memory and in particular the contribution of Vera and Wes Botham. Vera was a nurse who compassionately cared for those with bleeding disorders in her care as a nurse at Victoria and Childrens Hospital in London. Vera was a committed volunteer and a generous supporter.

With each tree celebration we Remember. With each tree dedication we Honour. With each tree dedication we Celebrate ... our devotion and commitment to each other and all those impacted by HIV/AIDS past, present and future. We have a common need to both support and be supported. Without the help of each other, it is difficult to get along well in life.

Even though it may seem limiting at first, our obligations are actually transformative, allowing us to open up to the potential that can come from being part of a supportive and encouraging group of people. Just being able to actively see the ways in which we are interconnected goes a long way toward becoming more aware of the ties that bind you and the joy of being a vital member of a loving community.

Photo © Hemophilia Ontario South Western Ontario Region Blood Matters Fall 2015

24 October 2015
Hemophilia Ontario South Western Ontario Region, London, ON