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Cowper St. N & Fitzroy St. Community Memorial Park Carrington since 1 December 2004
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Community Memorial Park - Carrington - Newcastle
This year (2009), a number of AIDS Quilts were displayed on the lawn, and a marquee and morning tea was provided by ACON-Hunter to mark the occasion. Discussion took place regarding extending the use of the Memorial Park to both the local and general community, and ways of involving more community members in the Park’s care. Also canvassed was the need for a place to be seated under shelter, perhaps for a picnic gathering, or to enjoy the increasing positive ambience of park surroundings. For five years, Adopt-a-Park volunteers from Carrington Residents Action Group (CRAG) and from ACON-Hunter (4 or 5 people only) have maintained and supported the park’s development and it was decided that now it was timely to reach out and encourage broader community ownership and use of this valuable asset.

To this end, in 2009, with ACON-Hunter as auspice organization, and with encouragement and promised ongoing support from Council’s Community Greening Centre, CRAG, Graincorp, and possibly other Carrington-based industries, an application was made for funding from Council’s Community Grants 2009-2010 to provide a sheltered picnic table/benches. The application was partly successful in that Council provided and installed the desired table/benches as well as appropriate signage identifying the space as the Community Memorial Park, all in time for the gathering and its dedication on World AIDS Day, 2009.

Photos © Judith Gatland

1 December 2009
Judith Gatland, Newcastle, NSW