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Notting Hill, 111-117 Lancaster Road London Lighthouse AIDS Memorial Garden since 1 July 1990
Chris Sandford - working to break down HIV stigma
As part of our AIDSfree Christmas Appeal, London Live went to speak to Chris Sandford, who was diagnosed with HIV in 1985.
Chris nursed his partner before he died in 1987 - his partner had been battling the disease for six years.
At the time, Chris was given just two years to live, but with effective developments in medication, he is now 71 and works as a counsellor and educator through his work at the Bloomsbury Clinic in the West End.
The clinic recently released a film which follows the empowering stories of six people living with HIV.
Helena Wadia spoke to Chris in the Memorial Garden in the grounds of the old Lighthouse Clinic, which was an AIDS ward in the eighties.
Photo © Alex Lentati London Live

19 December 2018
Helena Wadia, London