Sydney, NSW
3/9 Barwon Park Road, St. Peters Sydney Park AIDS Memorial Groves since 15 May 1994
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On 30 July 2006 SPAIDS had its 32nd planting in the now well-defined area of the Park, designated the AIDS Memorial Grove.
Photo © Mannie de Saxe Sydney Park AIDS Memorial Groves Part 3

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The sign reads:
Sydney Park Community Tree Planting Project
AIDS Memorial Groves
This area has been progressively planted by volunteers from the Sydney Park Aids Memorial Groves Group (S.P.A.I.D.S.) as a living memorial to those who have died of aids.
This is a temporary sign which will be replaced by a more informative, permanent version as the park’s overall signage is upgraded.

30 July 2006
Mannie de Saxe, Sydney