Seattle, WA
United States
Capitol Hill Station Plaza & adjacent Cal Anderson Park Seattle AIDS Memorial Pathway since 26 June 2021
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A ‘quiet space for communal mourning and personal contemplation,’ Ribbon of Light the last piece of Capitol Hill’s AIDS Memorial Pathway
The final installation of art to complete the AIDS Memorial Pathway between Cal Anderson Park and Capitol Hill Station will be marked with a ceremony Thursday night. Organizers are inviting the community to gather with artist Horatio Hung-Yan Law as the fences come down and the Ribbon of Light sculpture is fully unveiled with remarks from the artist, Gay City, and the Office of Arts and Culture. The event will take place Thursday from 8 to 9 PM on the north end of Cal Anderson.
Dedicated last summer, the pathway is now part of the City of Seattle’s art collection.

The pathway’s centerpiece rises in the Capitol Hill Station Plaza and elegantly incorporates a large block full of transit system utilities. Artist Christopher Paul Jordan’s andimgonnamisseverybody is a giant X made from speakers, a 20 foot by 20 foot structure, designed by the artist to represent X as a positive symbol turned on its axis to erode the perceived binary between HIV positive and HIV negative people and symbolizing a solidarity between the two.

The We’re Already Here installations from design firm Civilization, meanwhile, consist of bright signs bearing messages from “collective action” — protests, demonstrations, rallies, and campaigns — from the activism around the HIV/AIDS crisis.

Photo © CHS

30 June 2022
Capital Hill Seattle, Seattle