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Zapiro gets his own street
The City of Cape Town is pushing ahead with its street renaming campaign.

CAPE TOWN - Some of South Africa's most recognised names have been chosen to be honoured with a street name in Gugulethu. This is part of the Name your Hood Campaign in Gugulethu, which will see the renaming of offensive native yard street names in the area.

Satirist cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, better known as Zapiro, the late child activist Nkosi Johnson and singer Miriam Makeba have been shortlisted from more than 4,500 proposed names. There will be one last public participation process to finalise the names.

Shapiro says he feels honoured that NY 106 will be known as Zapiro Lane. "I'm absolutely thrilled to be even considered. It's not something I could have imagined. It's not something I ever thought about. I'm really happy that people support the kind of thing that I do."

Brett Herron, the chairperson of the City of Cape Town's naming committee, says this is a very important process for South Africa. "It was important for us to allow the communities to develop dignified street names for their area. This is really part of building an inclusive city."

In March, the city changed six street names as part of the process, which began in 2011, to rename apartheid-era streets. Hendrik Verwoerd Drive became Uys Krige Drive and Coen Steytler Avenue was renamed Walter Sisulu Avenue.

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15 August 2013
Eyewitness News, Cape Town