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130 Doolittle Drive, San Leandro AIDS Memorial Quilt since 1 July 1987
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Aids Memorial Quilt
Visitors from all around CUNY, including Queens College, attended the exhibition of the AIDS Memorial Quilt at the City College of New York on Dec. 1 and Dec. 2. Held inside the Great Hall at Shepard Hall in CCNY and sponsored by the administration of the college and the CUNY-wide LGBT Task Force, the exhibition displayed 60 12-by-12 foot squares, each containing eight panels. Measured at 6-by-4 feet, each panel was equivalent to the measurement of a coffin, representing the lives of those lost. “There are two reasons why such an event is necessary. One is to have a solemn memorial for the fallen victims of AIDS and the second is to get people to stop and think about the choices they make in their lives,” said James Robinson, chairperson of the LGBT Task Force and chief organizer of the exhibition. Photo © Nat Campos The Knight News

6 December 2011
Nat Campos, New York City