Vancouver, BC
Sunset Beach west, near foot of Broughton Street Vancouver AIDS Memorial since 1 December 2004
996 names
Vancouver Aids Memorial
After 17 years, the Vancouver AIDS Memorial Society is closing permanently. A lack of funding and volunteers leaves them unable to operate. They are no longer able to accept donations.
The 2010 AIDS Memorial and Candlelight Vigil was the last to be hosted by the Society. Anyone interested in continuing the Vigil is invited to contact them for information. Their website will be maintained by one of their volunteers as long as possible. However, there will be no further additions to the virtual Memorial.
They wish to thank everyone who has supported the Society over the years, and invite you to continue visiting the Memorial, a landmark of hope and courage dedicated to the memory of those lost to HIV/AIDS, to the caregivers who eased their passing, and to those who live with the presence of their absence. Photo © Garry Brazzil Howdee Rambling Observations

9 December 2009
Garry Brazzil, Vancouver