Red Ribbon since 2 June 1991
without names

Wear a red ribbon to show your committment to the fight against AIDS. The red ribbon demonstrates compassion for people with AIDS and their caretakers; and support for education and research leading to effective treatment, vaccines, or a cure.

The proliferation of red ribbons unifies the many voices seeking a meaningful response to the AIDS epidemic. It is a symbol of hope: the hope that one day soon the AIDS epidemic will be over, that the sick will be healed, that the stress upon our society will be relieved. It serves as a constant reminder of the many people suffering as a result of this disease, and of the many people working toward a cure - a day without AIDS.

The Ribbon Project is a grass roots effort. It is easy to make your own ribbons. Cut red ribbon in 6"length, then fold at the top into an inverted "V"shape. Use a safety pin to attach to clothing.

2 June 1991
Visual AIDS, New York