Los Angeles, CA
United States
Lincoln Park, 3600 N. Mission Road The Wall Las Memorias since 2 December 2004
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I remember when World AIDS Day also included A Day Without Art, when galleries and museums would shut down for the day, to acknowledge how HIV and AIDS had affected the creative community. Others would dim their lights or cover artworks with black cloth. Sadly, the tradition never stuck and it's business as usual.
Last night, my friend Nacho and I attended the 12th Annual Noche de las Memorias in Lincoln Park, just outside of downtown Los Angeles, founded by The Wall / Las Memorias Project, an organization that, among other things, was instrumental in having a physical momument built to represent the presence of HIV and AIDS in our world, as well as providing HIV / AIDS education to the Latino community. Etched within the marble panels are names of some of those who have died from AIDS. Photos © Dino Dinco DianePernetTypepad

1 December 2005
Dino Dinco, Los Angeles