San José, CA
United States
Guadalupe River Park at Children’s Discovery Museum, left of main entrance, 180 Woz Way San José AIDS Memorial Grove since 30 September 1995
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Planting of 30 Chinese pistache trees by volunteers on September 17th, 1995
Those attending the training worked on the Memorial Grove as their hands-on class project, participating in the species selection and site preparation planning, as well as the actual planting of the trees. Volunteers also committed to helping track the health of the trees and to work with City employees to care for them in the years to come. The tree species and tree placement was coordinated with input from the volunteers, the City arborist and the Redevelopment Agency. Volunteer groups who joined in planting these 30 trees included the Santa Clara University basketball teams and members of various collation organizations.

17 September 1995
Rhonda Berry, San José