Tel Aviv
18 HaNatziv Israeli AIDS Memorial Quilt since 1 December 1990
Quilt Block #2
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B   D  

made by Ronen's IATF Buddies

B  Proverb
Just As When We Come Into The World, When We Die, We Are Afraid Of The Unknown. But The Fear Is Something From Within Us That Has Nothing To Do With Reality. Dying Is Like Being Born: Just A Change.
from: The House of the Spirits
by Isabelle Allende

Shlomo Elia  1944-1990
made by a close friend.

D  David Eli Slater
made by a close friend.

7 people with AIDS
made by members of IATF's PWA Support group for friends who died in 1990.
This panel appeared in the December 1990 issue of BaMachaneh (Israel's Defense Forces magazine distributed to Israeli soldiers).

Jehuda Sofer
made by members of IATF's PWA Support group for the Jewish Dutch journalist who died 1990 in Amsterdam.
Jehuda was active for Sjalhomo, Sek, Gay Krant, COC, Jewish-Palestine Dialog (all Amsterdam),  SPPR (Israel), and ILGA. There is also a panel for Jehoeda in the Dutch AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Clive Barnes
made by Clive's mother in Tel Aviv.

H  Maurice
made by Tel Aviv artist David Ben-Ami.
The heart symbol in the panel's center was used in Proyect HaShemot's Inaugural national tour in Israel in 1990.

1 January 2000
HaShemot, Tel Aviv