Tel Aviv
18 HaNatziv Israeli AIDS Memorial Quilt since 1 December 1990
Quilt Block #4
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madeby his dear friend Eyal in Haifa.

B/E  Two Oranim Elementary School panels
made by 6th grade classes at Oranim Elementary School in Ramat HaSharon (Tel Aviv suburb). The teaching staff created curriculum combining both the science and arts faculties. Their final project was creating two 90 x 180 cm (3' x 6') panels. Each student made a square and then all the squares were sewn together into the two panels.

Laurent Lachkar  1962 - 1989
made by his younger sister Isabelle in Tel Aviv.

To The 170 (recorded) Israelis who died of AIDS until 1994
and who are not remembered in the Names Project Panels in Israel
made by Bela Cares, the AIDS Education Committee of the Society for the Protection of Personal Rights for Lesbians and Gay Men in Israel. This panel was later sent to the US

Zichronam L’Vracha  (There Names Shall Be For A Blessing)
made by students at the Hebrew University Overseas Program, Jerusalem, 1995/96.
Panel shows the Western Wall In Jerusalem with Blessings written by students sewn into the pockets. The pockets are in the shape of the Jerusalem stone.

Alberto  18·10·59 - 30·4·91
made by his friends in Israel. Alberto was born in Mexico and died in Tel Aviv.

1 January 2000
HaShemot, Tel Aviv