Tel Aviv
18 HaNatziv Israeli AIDS Memorial Quilt since 1 December 1990
Jerusalem Panel

This panel was made by the Jerusalem Quilting Bee, a quilting bee in Jerusalem consisting of Jewish women from diverse backgrounds: orthodox, secular, the gamut of political views, etc. Most of the women were not personally affected by the AIDS epidemic. In 1994, after completing their last project (embroidering a chuppah for one of the quilting bee's children) the Jerusalem Quilting Bee spent 10 months creating this beautiful panel. The panel depicts 3 views of Jerusalem and the biblical passage from Isaiah - Comfort Me My People (Nachamu, Nachamu Ami).
The panel was first displayed in June 1995 in San Francisco at the first International Names Project Chapters Conference. 30 International Names Project chapters attended the conference which was followed by a 3 day display in downtown San Francisco.

The photograph shows a greeting card donated by a local printer with an explanation in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

"Be comforted, be comforted, my people" (Isaiah 40:1)
This AIDS Memorial Quilt panel was created by the Jerusalem Embroiders and dedicated to those who are HIV positive or living with AIDS and to the memory of those who have died of AIDS.
This panel is part of the Names Project - Israel collection and is used to further AIDS awareness and education throughout Israel. The panel was first displayed in 1995 at the Names Project International Affiliates Conference in San Francisco. It is one of tens of thousands of fabric panels designed and created around the world for the International Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Danny Kent, Tel Aviv