Karel Scenic Lookout Lahav AIDS Memorial Forest since 9 May 1993
The AIDS Memorial Forest
Life and Remembrance in the Desert
Thousands of kilometers of continent and ocean separate the town of Kokomo, Indiana, United States from the Lahav Forest expanses in Israel’s northern Negev. However, even at this far-flung location, where KKL-JNF fights to combat the creeping desertification that encroaches ever-further northwards, the late Ryan White, who died at age 18 and whose personal battle against the AIDS virus became a symbol of the worldwide struggle against the disease, has an honored place, just as he does in his native North America.
On World Aids Day 2009, there are 6 plaques:
Ryan White, Cicero, IN, Memorial Parkland
Dr. Richard D. Wright and Arnie Jackson, San Francisco, CA, Forest
Richard L. Shapiro, Los Angeles, CA, Memorial Grove
Paul Wilensky, Houston, TX, Memorial Wood
Gary Freedman, New York, NY, Memorial Grove
Barry Friedman, Chicago, IL, Memorial Grove
Photos © KKL-JNF

9 December 2009
Ahuva Bar-Lev,