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Kowloon Park Hong Kong AIDS Memorial since 1 December 1997
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AIDS Ribbon
Located in Kowloon Park right behind the Kowloon Mosque, this sculpture was erected in 1997 to commemorate the victims of HIV and AIDS. It was created by Van Lau, an influential member of the old guard of Hong Kong arts, who is responsible for many of the city's other sculptures.
Batten: "Van Lau is part of an older generation of artists who had almost a monopoly on public art for awhile. This is obviously something that was done and then nobody had any idea what to do with it. The placement makes no sense. It could have been placed in front of a hospital but now it has no meaning to it. Give me the gold dragon instead of this any day."
Lau: "As part of the AIDS campaign, it is a good thing to have, it is educational, but not in the sense of art."
Photo © Christopher DeWolf CNNGO

3 March 2010
Christopher DeWolf, Hong Kong