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Oak Lawn Avenue & Cedar Springs Road, Oak Lawn Triangle Legacy of Love Monument since 13 October 2006
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Oak Lawn monument damaged again by car
The Legacy of Love monument was damaged on April 17 by another car wreck. A PT Cruiser jumped the curb on the curve on Oak Lawn Avenue on Saturday, April 17. The estimate of damage to the property is more than $10,000. According to Oak Lawn Committee President Michael Milliken,the car was traveling south on Oak Lawn Avenue. The Oak Lawn Committee owns and maintains the monument. The car went airborn, hit the tree in the triangle of land and came to rest along the Frank Caven Memorial Wall. Two plaques on the wall were knocked off and the car destroyed the electrical box that controls the lighting and sprinkler system. Photo © David Taffet dallasvoice.com

19 April 2010
David Taffet, Dallas