Wichita, KS
United States
Kansas University School of Medicine, northeast side of complex Wichita AIDS Memorial Garden since 1 December 1997
Match a Maple!
Help us with the AIDS Memorial Garden
The AIDS Memorial Garden is in need of some help. It has moved three times since 1997 with its final resting spot being on the KU School of Medicine- Wichita grounds adjacent to the parking lot on the north east side of the complex. The AIDS Memorial Garden was designed to remember someone special with an engraved brick. Bricks have been purchased for those who have died from AIDS or those who have been instrumental in the fight against the disease.
The hope is to beautify the area with trees, bushes and plants to create a respite spot for anyone, including anyone who works at KU-Wichita. The bricks are in place, tulips, and hostas are planted but so much more needs to be done to improve the area.
Dr. Sweet has agreed to buy some Japanese Maples for the area and we are asking for contributions from others to help the cause. We are looking to add several large holly bushes which cost almost $100.00 each. We also want to add some other plants to the area to make it much more inviting.
Photo © Michael Madecky KUSM-W Medical Practice Association Headline News

1 May 2012
Michael Madecky, Wichita, KS