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Lee Park, near entrance Turtle Creek Blvd. & Lemmon Ave. Allan Ross AIDS Memorial since 16 March 1992
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Alan Ross AIDS Memorial rededicated in Lee Park
About 30 people attended the rededication of the Alan Ross AIDS Memorial in Lee Park on Saturday. The rededication included the unveiling of a new plaque at the base of a newly planted sapling. The event was handled by Bravo Event Group of Texas with music provided by Mel Arizpe and Laura Carrizales. The ceremony, led by Michael Doughman, executive director of the Dallas Tavern Guild, included several speakers such as the Rev. Carol West and retired DPD Sgt. Lynn Albright.
“Let us remember the past, but look to the future. I think that’s what Alan would have wanted,” West said. Albright, the former LGBT liaison officer for DPD, stated how happy she was that at least Ross got to meet her first daughter, who recently graduated high school. “He was the big brother we all wanted and he was the big brother we got,” she said. Among the most touching moments of the rededication was a young girl placing a single rose at the base of the plaque at the conclusion of the ceremony. Also in attendance were Jack Evans, George Harris and Sgt. Jeremy Liebbe of the DISD police.
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22 June 2013
Patrick Hoffman, Dallas