Key West, FL
United States
White Street/Atlantic Boulevard, foot of pier Key West AIDS Memorial since 1 December 1997
1000 names
Key West Aids Memorial at Full Moon Glistening
Key West Aids Memorial at full moon glistening is quite a moving site tonight – A tribute to the people who have died of AIDS and showed their love for Key West and the Florida Keys while living here. More than 1,100 names inscribed on a beautiful flat granite monument embedded in the walkway approaching White Street Pier at the Atlantic Ocean on the island of Key West. A plaque at the site reads: The sky is blank but beautiful. Nothing will ever be the same, a cup of emptiness to fill, symbols shaped into a name. - Rachel Hadas “The Bees of the Invisible”
Photo © Vacation Homes of Key West

27 November 2012
Vacation Homes of Key west, Key West