Queensburgh, KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa
26 Main Rd. Hillcrest AIDS Memorial Wall since 1 January 2000
World Methodist Council & Conference 2011 Durban
A Venture to Center Reveals Firsthand Stories
The Wall of Remembrance, a 5-foot-tall wall of bricks that spans 20 yards and is painted with names of the 20-30 patients who die here every month. A stained-glass window on a door to the chapel bears the red ribbon symbol for AIDS. “They die young,” she said. “The average age is 20.” CEO Julie Hornby stands by the memorial wall for the AIDS victims who have died at HACT.
“Let me take you to the chapel next,” Ms. Hornby said. I followed, expecting a room with pews, an altar and stained-glass windows. The stained-glass windows were there, but the room was the size of a walk- in closet. It was only large enough to hold two gurneys. “The chapel is for those who have just died,” she explained. “It gives them dignity to wait here for the hearse in this quiet, beautiful space. Shining on them are four images from the stained glass -- of the beadwork, the cross, the AIDS red ribbon and the father of our nation, Nelson Mandela.
Photo (c) Sharon Patterson North Texas United Methodist Church

19 August 2011
Sheron C. Patterson,