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Garden of Peace and Love Cleanup
On Saturday, August 9th Laguna Muse organized a very successful cleanup of the Garden of Peace and Love located on the bluff on the way down to the beach at the end of Mountain Avenue just below the Boom. Michele Martinay started this living memorial to those who have passed away from HIV AIDS, and he has taken care of this special garden for the last 18 years. Now Michele's own battle with the disease has made it no longer possible for him to maintain the garden.
So 20 volunteers organized by Laguna Muse founder, Glen Kasper showed up with tools, gloves and a desire to help restore the garden back to the way Michele has kept it for all these years. Jon Madison, owner of Laguna's magnificent Madison Square donated tons of flowers, plants, bushes and trees and all pitched for hours to do Michele proud. Now Muse is raising money to hire a gardener to take care of this sacred spot so that it will live on forever. Glen tells us that he will also be organizing other cleanups in the near future.
Special thanks go out to all the volunteers who gave up a Saturday and to Laguna Beach Mayor Jane Egly who came by to support the effort. It was quite an emotional and fulfilling day!
People on the photos: Jon Madison (right) of Madison Square flanked by other volunteers - Scott Allen, President of the Laguna Beach HIV AIDS Advisory Committee - Steve clearing lots of the weeds and grass that had accumulated - Laguna Muse Founder, Glen Kasper - volunteer watering the plants - Laguna Beach Mayor Jane Egly with Laguna resident and Muse writer Andrew Reynolds - the result is looking god!
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10 August 2008
Save The Boom !!!, Laguna Beach