Fort Wayne, IN
United States
Lindenwood Cemetery, near Lindenwood Ave. entrance Northeast Indiana AIDS Memorial since 30 September 2004
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Founder: AIDS memorial is for all
Otis Vincent would like help maintaining site at Lindenwood Cemetery. [excerpt]
The Northeast Indiana AIDS Memorial at Lindenwood Cemetery could use a little help. Creator Otis Vincent opened the memorial to the public in September 2004. In the past five years it has been the site of the AIDS candlelight service the third weekend in May. Vincent lost his son, Stephen, to AIDS in 1995, and he was hoping when he built the memorial that people in the area would use it. “I put that in … for family and friends to be able to go out there and sit in a beautiful, serene place where they can remember their loved ones who have been lost to AIDS. That's my main objective - to create a beautiful memorial - and I think I have done it so far.”
A year ago the memorial was vandalized when one of the statues was knocked over and smashed. Vincent replaced the statue, again from his own pocket. “I would greatly appreciate it if there was a volunteer or volunteers (who) would help me and come out and maintain this,” said Vincent.
Photo (C) Ellie Bogue News Sentinel

12 October 2009
Ellie Bogue, Fort Wayne