Charleston, WV
Verenigde Staten
Washington Street East/ Sidney Avenue De Levende Aids Memorial Tuin sinds 1 December 1998
Day of Service
Master Gardeners were involved in two Day of Service projects today. The biggest was the Living AIDS Memorial Garden near the Capitol. The beautiful garden exists as a memorial to those who have passed on from AIDS. Memorial bricks line the walks and gardens. The garden itself is a monument to creativity and determination – the soil in which the garden grows is only about 12″ deep in places and it sits on asphalt and debris. Huge trees and plants flourish and create a secret garden of serenity. Master Gardeners helped weed, prune and plant flowers.

Photo 1: pruning
Photo 2: cleaning out vines
Photo 3: cleaning up around the stone before planting flowers
Photo 4: more weeding…weeding for everyone

Photos (C) Kanawha County Master Gardeners Over the Garden Gate

28 September 2013
Kanawha County Master Gardeners, Charleston, WV