Universitätsstrasse 46 La Colcha Conmemorativa del Sida Suiza desde 1 Diciembre 1991
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PWA Switzerland (People With HIV / AIDS) brought the NAMES Project in 1991 in Switzerland to live, due to its own consternation. They wanted to awake and confront the public with the deaths of people who had died of AIDS. From the Zurich area the idea of memory towels quickly spread to other parts of Switzerland. The project manager Susanna Lüthi coordinated the various sewing studios, which originated in the cities of Lausanne, Geneva, Bern and Zurich. Commemorative towels (panels) were collected in the sewing studios from all regions and sewn together into quilt blocks of eight. Over time the Swiss AIDS Memorial Quilt has grown to a total of 22 blocks. Single quilt blocks have been presented around the world, from Prague to San Francisco, at the World AIDS Congress or during ceremonies. In 1996 Susanne Lüthi and Werner Catrina published the book "Colored Sympathy / Signes d'Amour". Since the dissolution of PWA Switzerland in early 2000 the hiv-aids pastoral in Zurich preserves and manages the Swiss AIDS Memorial Quilt.

hiv-aidsseelsorge Zürich