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West Hollywood Park, Santa Monica Blvd & San Vincente Blvd Histoires - Le Monument du Sida depuis 1 Décembre 2024
Cedars-Sinai Donates $500,000 Toward Efforts To Erect National AIDS Monument
Currently in the fundraising stage, the monument is at the heart of West Hollywood Park’s upcoming $86 million renovation. Land was donated by the city just south of the intersection of Santa Monica and San Vicente Boulevards.
“The AIDS Monument will provide a graceful yet meaningful recognition to all those we lost and all those who helped in this valiant battle,” said West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey P. Horvath.

“It will be seen around the nation and indeed throughout the world, and will stand as a symbol… of compassion, remembrance, and great honor.”
Blending architectural design and interactive technology, the monument will “pay tribute to those we have lost, honor those who survived and the organizations of change that were born, and provide links and access to existing programs around HIV/AIDS education,” developers said in a statement.

Cedars-Sinai was on the front lines in caring for people with HIV/AIDS from the dawn of the epidemic. Researcher David Ho was at Cedars when he encountered some of the first cases of what was later labeled AIDS.
Thanks to the hospital’s donation, the monument has now passed $1.2 million in contributions toward its $4.5 Million goal.
Photo (c) Nathan Haugaard newnownext 

20 Juin 2015
Dan Avery, unknown