Das Aids-Memorial auf Instagram seit 15 April 2016
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This Instagram account is memorialising those lost to AIDS in a simple yet touching way

An Instagram account is posting images of those who’ve lost their lives to AIDS in remembrance. From old school portraits to photographs of women and men out partying in happier times, each post on The AIDS Memorial features an image of a person lost along with a little bit about their life. Some include quotes and memories from close friends, but also those who fell out of touch. Others recall the moment that their loved one was diagnosed, and how they continued following the news. A simple but touching way of recording their lives, the feed includes those young and old, famous and non-famous. Some are noted for being caring family members, while others for their activism.

While nowadays in many countries people diagnosed with HIV can lead full and healthy lives thanks to modern medicine, it was only recently that HIV-related illnesses were a killer. Many on the account, for example, died in the early 90s. So something that also comes up regularly here is how close many of these people were to accessing essential medication, which was created soon after their deaths. One reads: ‘My first partner #RobertKent could have been on these meds, if they had been available…’
‘AIDS brought the #Gaycommunity together to fight for testing of them properly, and then getting them to those in need, but still very 4 min someone dies from AIDS.’
‘We are still not there yet… Miss you #RobertKentAndolini(#AndolinisGrill)”‘- Richard Cameron.’

And of course, the account’s also an important opportunity to bring up how far there is still to go before those with HIV are respected, diagnosed, and given access to the right medication globally.

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30 Januar 2017
Alice Sholl, London