Маспало́мас, Кана́рские острова́
Yumbo Centrum, ground floor East end, Playa del Ingles СПИД Мемориал Маспало́мас с 28 июнь 2017
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Although I have been sitting in the Bärenhöhle streetbar just 25 meters away and strolled along the succulent garden many times, I only discovered the AIDS Memorial after a month. The Red Ribbon made of broken red tiles is placed on the ground and hardly seen at night, the time when gay life awakens in the Yumbo Centrum.
In order to produce good photographs, I cleaned the tiles from chewing gum and the dust of the recent calima. The photographs were taken in April 2018 at different times of the day.
Photos © Jörn Wolters, photos of me © Jean-Pierre Noël

3 апрель 2018
Jörn Wolters, Amsterdam