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Olive Street Park Мемориал СПИДа в Сан-Диего с 1 июль 2024
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Community Vision Design supported for Olive Street Park
Update: The design of the park has been under review by the City and Mayor’s office. A new design (hopefully more reflective of the neighbors wishes) should be returning in the next couple of months.
Thanks to those from Bankers Hill and throughout Uptown who attended the Uptown Planners meeting on Thursday, February 22 for the discussion about Olive Street Park. The Uptown Planners voted 11 in support and 2 against the Community Based Vision Design presented by the Bankers Hill Community Group. The Community Based Vision Design represents input from several BHCG and City held meetings.
Photo (c) Community Vision Design Hillquest Urban Guide

6 март 2018
Hillquest Urban Guide, San Diego, CA