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Sackville Gardens, near Canal Street Древо Жизни Манчестер с 1 декабрь 1993
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The Tree of Life
The 'Tree of Life', was planted on World AIDS Day 1993, and provides the starting point of the metaphorical journey.
The existing tree has had to withstand many traumas through its own life and bears the scars with pride. It is often used as a place to spread ashes and to leave floral tributes, it is also envisaged as a quiet place for contemplation.
The area around the tree was subtly upgraded during the building work around the Beacon, to provide evening uplighting, an attractive hard surface around the tree in the same shape as the Beacon's podium, informal seating and creating a visual connection with the Beacon.
Photo © Matt Bramford Beacon of Hope

1 декабрь 2010
Beacon of Hope, Manchester