Vancouver, BC
St. Paul's Hospital roof garden El Árbol conmemorativo de la tragedia de sangre contaminada de Columbia Británica desde 27 Octubre 2009
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Tree Planting Ceremony to Commemorate the Victims of the Tainted Blood Tragedy
October 27, 2009 - St. Paul's Hospital, Vanouver
The Canadian Hemophilia Society in conjunction with Canadian Blood Services and Providence Heath Care held a tree planting ceremony commemorating the thousands of victims of the tainted blood tragedy. The tree is to pay tribute to those that are suffering and have lost their lives during this tragic piece of Canadian history and to celebrate the changes that have made our blood system one of the safest in the world.
Photo © BC Chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society

27 Octubre 2009
BC Chapter of the Canadian Hemophilia Society, Vancouver, BC