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Stratton Wood Бирчгрове Мемориал Роща с 1 октябрь 1996
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The Birchgrove Woodland Project... An Update
ln 1996, The Birchgrove Group sponsored the planting of 1200 trees at the Woodland Trust woodland creation site at Stratton St Margaret, nearSwindon, Wiltshire, as a living and lasting tribute to the lives of people with Haemophilia who were infected with HIV. It was intended, by Birchgrove, that this woodland should become a peaceful place for people to visit and remember those who have had their lives so profoundly affected by HIV. These 1200 trees cover approximately 2 of the 135-acre Stratton Wood, and the wood itself forms part of the group of woodlands freely open to the public,collectively known as the Great Western Community Forest. (This can be located onOrdnance survey map No. 173, grid reference SU170999)
The purchase and planting of the 1200 trees was financed by donations from people with Haemophilia and HIV and their affected families, and by contributions from Birchgrove Wales and Birchgrove London and South East. The money donated covered both the cost of planting, and also provided for the long-term maintenance of the wood.
At the time of planting, the Woodland Trust agreed to the Birchgrove Group's request to purchase and place a memorial stone or marker to identify the Birchgrove trees. There has never been any additional funding available to purchase a commemorative stone or marker, and unfortunately health issues have diverted Birchgroves attention from the woodland project.
As many of you have expressed interest in the progress of the memorial trees, and also your concerns about the lack of identification of the Birchgrove trees, we have recently contacted theTrust again to look at the possibilities available to us. The Trust have offered to place an engraved plaque on an oak post in the dedicated area, and have also agreed that if the Birchgrove Group wish to provide a more substantial memorial stone or marker (at its own expense) they would be happy to honour the original agreement. The Thust would agree to the placing of a seat near to the Birchgrove trees, although they have pointed out that there are no views to be had. The Trust has also advised that because of the vigorous growth of the grass, any wildflowers or bulbs planted are unlikely to survive, and they recommend that to avoid disappointment, we do not attempt to plant anything on the site.
Birchgrove are still committed to fulfilling their original idea of providing a commemorative marker and holding a commemorative dedication ceremony at some time in the near future. If anyone has any ideas for raising funds to supply a commemorative stone or marker please contact either Paul or Alan at Birchgrove. Likewise, if anyone has visited the wood recently, and would like to give us an account of their experience, please feel free to get in touch. This grove of trees will not only be a memorial to those who have sadly died, but will also show the resilience and strength of those who are still affected and living with the effects of HIV/AIDS.
Photo (c) Birchgrove Issue 1 (2001)

1 июль 2001
The Birchgrove Group, Solihull