Newcastle, NSW
Cowper St. N & Fitzroy St. Jardin Communal du Souvenir de Carrington depuis 1 Décembre 2004
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Community Memorial Park - Carrington - Newcastle
It was determined to repeat the above with a Hills Fig tree for the 2007 World AIDS Day event, to be named the Tree of Hope. ACON-Hunter would undertake the funding of further earthworks (extending the mounding) and the supply and installation of this tree. Unfortunately, the Council was not in a position to complete the earthworks during 2007, so World AIDS Day was marked by plantings in a row behind the existing seat.

Due somewhat to miscommunication and also to a large tree-planting project taking place along Cowper Street’s carriageway on the south side (enhancing the edge of the Community Park), planting of the second fig tree was overlooked but a plaque-in-readiness was prepared and dedicated on World AIDS Day 2008.

Photos © Judith Gatland

1 Décembre 2008
Judith Gatland, Newcastle, NSW