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The Fales Library & Special Collections Мемориальное платье Патины дю Преи и Мемориальные Книги с 1 июль 1993
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Hunter Reynolds on drag, gender, and resurrecting his alter ego
Interview with Hunter Reynolds on November 19, 2019
Hunter Reynolds is a New York–based artist and AIDS activist who for over three decades has used performance, installation, and photography to rethink and expand gender, politics, and sexuality. In 1989, he cofounded ART+ Positive, an affinity group of ACT UP, of which he was an early member. Here, Reynolds discusses his alter ego, Patina du Prey (1989–2000), who is the main subject of the exhibition “From Drag to Dervish,” on view at P.P.O.W gallery in New York from November 21 to December 21, 2019.
Photo (c) Charles Mayer Artforum

1 декабрь 1993
Charles Mayer, Boston