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Washington Square Park Memorial del Sida en Nueva Orleáns desde 30 Noviembre 2008
World HIV-AIDS Music Project
Join a global social vaccine campaign to decrease HIV transmission. Help empower humanity and destigmatize HIV/AIDS through world music knowledge and passion.

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The World HIV/AIDS Music Project [WHAM Project] is a global collaborative research effort that aims to present all the music ever written/performed about HIV/AIDS in any language. We estimate that our lists will eventually surpass 10,000 songs.
The WHAM Project objective is to empower individuals and communities who have been affected by the pandemic by presenting HIV/AIDS-specific music that provides critical awareness, education and anti-stigma messages. These thousands of HIV-specific songs have so far been uncataloged and unavailable to provide musical knowledge, passion, and melodic and lyrical creativity to combat the persistent stigma, ignorance and indifference to the HIV/AIDS epidemic through music.
Promoting music that directly addresses the HIV/AIDS pandemic has so far been an underexploited adjunct to existing means of controlling the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Especially when directed to the global young and internet-savvy population that is at greatest at risk of contracting HIV, we believe that the WHAM Project can provide a critical new international public health intervention that will contribute to decreased HIV stigma and transmission worldwide.

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The plaque reads: [added by admin]
New Orelans AIDS Memorial
dedicated on the occasion of World AIDS Day 2008
To remember, honor and empower!
To heal, educate and empower;
To provide hope, compassion and dignity.

"When do the dead die? When they are forgotten."
Laura Esquivel

5 Diciembre 2012
Alexandra Jeannot, New Orleans