Сиэ́тл, Вашингто́н
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Capitol Hill Station Plaza & adjacent Cal Anderson Park Сиэтлский Путь Мемориала СПИДа с 26 июнь 2021
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The AMP: AIDS Memorial Pathway uses public art to create a physical place for remembrance and reflection, shares stories about the epidemic and the diverse community responses to the crisis, and provides a call to action to end HIV/AIDS, stigma, and discrimination.

The Names Tree is an artful, digital recreation of the 100 year old Chinese Scholar Tree that stands in the northwest corner of Cal Anderson Park. Using light as its medium, The Names Tree memorializes the lives of those we have loved and lost to the epidemic. Reminiscent of sky lanterns that have been released at times of joy and grief for millennia in Asia, lighted leaves ascend to the heavens as the names of the departed are spoken.

Images © AMP

26 июнь 2021
AMP, Seattle