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Jon Isherwood Sculpture. I'm at West 157th Street my final destination! 09/10/21
Ilka Tanya Payan Park was my last stop for today. I was on a mission to photograph all the Jon Isherwood sculptures currently on display along Broadway Malls. Her Park was the last sculpture location farthest north on Broadway at West 157th Street. I walked all the way up there after walking across town from the East Side.

There's no bathroom in the park but Chipotle and the 1 Train Station are right across the Street. It's a very small park with only three benches. I sat down for a few minutes to post some photos I had just taken. You may want to read about Ilka Tanya Payan before you go. It's a beautiful tribute to honor her contributions in life.

Photos © Marianne W. Yelp

10 September 2021
Marianne W., New York City