Laguna Beach, CA
United States
Mountain Rd. & beach Laguna Beach Garden of Peace and Love since 1 December 1989
without names
The garden sits atop a bluff overlooking the ocean, has a few concrete steps, a bench, a statue of an angel, and stone inform of a hert. It was the brainchild of longtime Laguna Beach resident Michel Martenay, tended the area for two decades, planting flowers and watering them by hand in honor of those suffering from AIDS. But in 2008, Martenay learned that he had contracted the disease, which rendered him too weak to care for the garden. Martenay moved to an Anaheim hospice. Friends rallied at first, pulling weeds, planting roses and day lilies, and watering. Over time, though, no person or group could replicate the kind of work Martenay put into the land. Martenay succumbed to the disease in 2009.
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City of Laguna Beach