Севилья, Андалусия
La Alameda de Hércules Seville Monument to the AIDS Victims с 1 декабрь 2015
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Seville is the first Spanish city committed to eradicate AIDS by 2030
At the request of Adhara, the Andalusian NGO working in the field of sexually transmitted infections, the Seville Council has unanimously agreed to adhere to the Paris Declaration, an action plan signed in Paris in December 2014 involving all the world's cities to eradicate AIDS by 2030.
Among the objectives to which the Paris Declaration commits, is that 90% of the population know their HIV status, that 90% of those diagnosed have access to medical treatment and that 90% of those who receive health care, reduce their viral load. Hence it is known as the '90-90-90 Strategy '.
World AIDS Day December 1, 2015, the Seville City Council, in collaboration with the NGO Adhara inaugurated a monument in the Alameda de Hercules to commemorate those who died from AIDS, people who healthfully live today with the virus through treatment and to serve as a "light and memory" to continue addressing this epidemic.