Эдинбург, Шотландия
Соединенное Королевство
Water of Leith walkway, opposite National Gallery of Scotland 'Дань уважения Жизни' СПИД Мемориал Эдинбург с 1 декабрь 2004
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World AIDS Day 2004:
(1) Stone slab reading Grief is not forever but love is
(2) Red Ribbon on the stone lit by lanterns and candles
(3) Novice Rosemary behind the bench which is situated opposite the stone
(4) Detail of the bench with Red Ribbon
(5) Plaque reading This site was created on World AIDS Day, the 1st December 2004 as a place to remember all those affected by HIV and AIDS. The red ribbon is the universal symbol of HIV awareness.

1 декабрь 2004
Order of Perpetual Indulgence, Convent of Dunn Eideann, Edinburgh