Kansas City, MO
620 East Armour Boulevard Mémorial du Sida de l'Eglise Méthodiste Unie de la Trinité depuis 5 Novembre 2017
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We hold dear those who lived and died with AIDS and the Trinity Congregation who cared for them, their memory, and their legacy.
The AIDS epidemic ignited mass fear, and entire segments of people were shnned or condemned. Persons living with AIDS often lost jobs and housing, were denied health care, and disowned by their families and faith communities. Trinity members and supporters stepped forward and became family to those infected. Some took professional risks to extend medical care and social services. Others provided meals and personal assistance. The congregation provided financial support to AIDS organizations at home and abroad.
May this memorial recognize not only those we have lost to AIDS, but also the spirit of this congregation for responding to human need. This memorial shall serve as a call for future congregations by doing justice regardless of religious and societal biases and prejudices.
Dedicated 2016

Trinity United Methodist Church