Картахе́на, Мурсийский Регион
Calle Capitanes Ripoll con Calle Carlos III Памятник СПИДу/ВИЧ в Картахене с 1 декабрь 2020
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The Cartagena City Council pays tribute to people who have died or are living with HIV by the erection of a monument at Capitanes Ripoll street and Carlos III street. Inaugurated by mayor Ana Belén Castejón on World AIDS Day 1 December 2020, the sculpture of Nati Serrano shows the shape of a human tree with two people without gender, united by affection, making up the trunk. Its seeds and roots connect it with the production of life and is a symbol of knowledge" aiming to highlight the importance of information and prevention to combat this disease.
The monument has been initiated by Vihsibles Association and the Galactyco Collective and will be accompanied by awareness campaigns from the departments of Equality and Youth.
A text by Tzvetan Todorov on the monument reads: "The dead demand from the living: Remember everything and tell everything, not only to fight against oblivion but also so that our life, leaving behind a trace, preserves its meaning".

Ayuntamiento Cartagena