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CAN Community Health Квилт СПИДа сообщества Юго-Западной Флориды с 1 декабрь 1994
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The Southwest Florida Community AIDS Quilt project was initiated in 1994 by HIV+ men and supported by Sister Frances Nevolo, executive director of Bethesda House in Sarasota, a Catholic-funded day center providing food, clothing and other services to people with HIV and AIDS.
After the diocese tended to withdraw their participation in Saratoga PrideFest 2003, a May event celebrating LGBT+ pride, the panels were moved from Bethesda House to the Community AIDS Network.
By March 2004, the Quilt contained 100 loose 3x6 ft panels identical in size to those of the National AIDS Memorial Quilt. The panels have never been united into 12x12 ft blocks of eight panels nor transferred to the NAMES Project Foundation. 84 panels are shown on the website.

CAN Community Health