Búfalo, NY
Estados Unidos
Normal Ave./ Porter Ave Parque en Memoria de la Vida desde 1 Diciembre 1992
Life Memorial Park plaque
A bronze plaque on a polished granite base is surrounded by a pair of engraved polished granite benches. The inscription on the plaque reads: "Life Memorial Park - a place of hope, education, healing and remembrance for the men, women and children who have died from an AIDS related illness. December 1, 1992. Wall dedicated 8-18-94. Founder - Joseph Raimando. Donated by - Carl Rosetti." The inscription on the benches read: "In Memory Of Michael J. Horan, M.D. - James K. (Jimmy) Smith" and "Donated by Club Marcella in memory of all the friends we have lost with AIDS," respectively.
Photo © City of Buffalo Arts Commission

Junio 2004
unknown, Buffalo