Тель Авив
18 HaNatziv Израильский СПИД Мемориал Квилт с 1 декабрь 1990
Quilt block #3
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A  Proverb
There are people whose brilliance continues to light the world. Though they are no longer living, these lights are particularly bright. When the night is dark they light the way for humanity
Hanna Senesh (in English)

Ittai  1960-1988
made by Ittai's family and friends in Jerusalem. The image on the panel depicts the cover of Ittai's last book of poetry. Israel's first panel made in 1990.

Daniel Sudano
This panel includes a Tallit.

D  L'Kol Ish Yesh Shem (Every Person Has A Name)
created in 1990 by Tel Aviv quiltor Etti Ben Shoham. Etti, who lost her husband in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, did not know anyone who was affected by the AIDS epidemic, but having heard about the upcoming Israel display of the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, Etti wanted to contribute to AIDS awareness in Israel.

E  Tamar Zinger
made by her mother in Jerusalem.

Dani Esther Cohen  Oct. 61 - Oct. 88
made by Dani's mother and brother in Tel Aviv. Dani was an actress. The panel includes a photo of Dani in clown make-up.

made by his nieces in Tel Aviv.

Amos Gutman  1954 - 1993
made by Amos' family in Tel Aviv. Amos Gutman was a famous Israeli film director. The panel depicts a director's chair surrounded by actual film strip taken from one of Amos' films and the names of Amos' films surround the chair.

1 январь 2000
HaShemot, Tel Aviv